Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. But every situation is as different as we are as individuals! Call us to discuss your particular needs and questions (559)906-6463.

What is home care and how does it differ from home healthcare?

Home care refers to any type of care (medical or non-medical) that is provided for the client in their home. Home care typically refers to care such as companionship, homemaking services and personal care services, while "home helalthcare" refers to the provision of skilled nursing care and other care such as speech, physical or occupational therapy.

What services does Senior Care home Services provide?

Senior Care provides companionship services such as meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, grocery shopping/errands, incidental transportation, medication reminders, grooming, live-in service and respite care. We also provide personal care services such as bathing, grooming, and hygiene, mobility assistance, transferring and positioning, toileting and incontinence and feeding/special diet assistance. Services vary by individual client.

How are Caregivers selected?

Each Caregiver is an employee who is carefully screened and trained before caring for a client (we also have a classroom where continued and refresher courses are offered). Each must undergo a rigorous process including national and local criminal background checks, DMV, and personal and professional reference checks. We strive to hire the very best Caregivers because we only hire people we would want caring for a member of our own family.

How much does in-home care cost?

Senior Care Home Services office is independently owned and operated. We encourage you to contact our office directly for a complete list of products and services available. Typically we are 25% less compared to other agencies in the area!

How often are services available?

Our services are available for as little as a few hours per visit, but rest assured we are available for your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 265 days a year!

Are services available to those in nursing homes or assisted living communities?

Absolutely! Senior Care can provide companionship or personal care to residents at assisted living communities, often prolonging the time when nursing home care is required.  We can also provide service to those clients in nursing homes who may desire additional attention or more personalized care.

Is there a written Care Plan for each client?

The Senior Care office develops an individualized and completely confidential Care Plan for each client. Once the client, family members, and Senior Care agrees on the Care Plan, the office staff will use that information to recommend the Caregiver who will be delivering the service, establish the schedule and agree to the monitoring and communication.

Care Plans are reviewed with the client and family at least every six month, but may be more frequent based on the clients needs. The review is an important process to ensure the client is receiving the appropriate level of care is please with the care being provided.

Will I have the same Caregiver all the time?

The Senior Care Coordinator will document the services required and the client's preferences. The best Caregiver fit for the client will be "matched" and an introduction between the client, caregiver and Senor Care will be made. During that meeting, the Care Plan will be reviewed so that everyone agrees and understands what services are to be provided.

What are ADL's?

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include the basic tasks essential for day-to-day functioning, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility and toileting. Many seniors who require help with such activities are largely independent, but may require help with one or two ADLs. in some cases, intermittent help from a family member or friend may be all that is needed. however, in many cases, particularly when family or friends are unavailable and the importance of scheduling these activities is critical, informal care arrangements may not be adequate.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living  (IADLs) are considered those activities which are less basic than the traditional ADLs. IADLs, nevertheless, are important in enhancing a client's quality of life. IADLs include such activities as shopping, paying bills, cleaning, doing the laundry and meal preparation. Many seniors require assistance with IADLs rather than ADLs. Some seniors want someone to escort them when they are shopping and help them avoid situations that might cause them to fall. Other seniors may welcome assistance with their bill paying and medical appointments. Senior Care offers an array of companionship and homemaking services to assist our clients with IADLs. Please contact the Senior Care Home Services for more information