A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

"Our Vision" and Kenneth's comments!

Our hope is that all the elderly have that someone that checks in on them.  Isolation and embarrassment is all too often the reason the elderly don't get out.

I actually had a client tell me last week, that when our caregiver took him to the store to buy groceries, he noticed he was the oldest person there... He said most people were in their late 60's. And he said "I am 92" I didn't see anyone as old as me. He is the driving vision for us! He has no family to help him. It's great that he is willing to keep going out and getting his supplies. And with our help, he can.

From the Founder:

In 2010, I had the opportunity to move back home, back to the Central Valley. During that time, I helped my aunts and my mother take care of my Grandmother. It took 7 people to do this job and let her live out her years at home. Her house was in bad shape, the property had tons of junk piled everywhere and the condition of her person was not good to say the least.

I was absolutely unaware of the toll it took on every one of us! One person after another, started getting hurt, burned out and developed anxiety. It was apparent to me how many  other families try to take this on and just can't have their lives on hold for so many years. That is how Senior Care Home Services got started.

Thank You Grandma, I know your in Heaven directing things just like you did here, thank you for teaching me that anything is possible. Love you, Cheryl

Meet the Team

Our office team is finally complete! It has taken me a while to find the right people and the right mix. But I feel that we are a perfectly imperfect lot of people who have Your best interest at heart.


Cheryl Kohen

Owner & President

Cheryl is the founder and CEO of Senior Care Home Services Inc., which she started several years ago. She has an extensive background in Caring for the elderly, Senior care abuse prevention, Safety for seniors and familiar with many challenging situations with our years in this industry. She has suggestions in the best interest of the client, not centered on our profits, but on giving a great service for everyone in our Senior Care Family. Cheryl is a hiker and dog lover, entrepreneur. Cheryl likes to think outside of the box and pave her own trail, setting things up to grow and maintain close contact with her clients like they are family. She and her fiancé’ are planning a simple wedding this coming March and looking forward to living happily ever after! A few of her favorite pastimes include; hiking, exploring, reading and learning, with a minor in decorating.


Kelsey Bobadilla

Office Assistant

Kelsey is a great addition to our team. She provides to all of us a smooth interaction with SCHS. When you call in and she helps you, she is always working towards making sure we have a happy satisfied client. Kelsey is an active mother of two cute kids that keep her busy when she is not working. She is married and lives in the Fig Garden area also



Teresa Hutchinson

Admin & Support Services

Teresa is a special lady who will be there to answer your call and make sure your questions get answered. Teresa has extensive experience as a secretary with integrity and is sensitive to your personal needs and privacy. Teresa meets with potential networking partners, maintains our campaigning databases and looks for new and innovative ways to support Senior Home Care Services. She is also fun, loving, caring, has a multitude of creative talents. She loves to spend her time cooking, sewing, reading, volunteering at non-profits and spending time with her 11 grandchildren.

The Right Choice...

Call us today so we can start giving you the peace of mind you deserve by knowing that your loved-one is in the capable hands of Senior Care Home Services, Inc.  In-home care is the Right Choice! (559) 906-6463